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Projects, Drives, Opportunities at GHC

A long and proud Jewish tradition at GHC!
If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

  • GHC's Caring Community: Our Kehillat Hesed. ("As God shows loving-kindness in all His deeds, you too shall show loving-kindness to others," Deuteronomy, Eikev) Support members of our GHC family at times of bereavement, illness, and times of joy: the birth of a new child. Volunteers and ideas welcome!  To contact a member of the caring community, please send an email to .
  • LifeLights/Or HaHayim (Tikkun Kehillati, Mishpahti, 'Atzmi = Repair of the congregation, family, and self). We now maintain in our atrium a unique collection of 48 themed brochures, written in a contempory style, which address a variety of personal subjects impacting on the Jewish individual and family. Read, Enjoy, Donate to Buy More!
  • Midnight Run (Gemilut Chasadim = Deeds of Loving Kindness) Members from a coalition of synagogues, churches, and civic organizations go into New York City on a rotating basis to feed, clothe and comfort the homeless. We distribute clothing, toiletries and personal items together with soup, juice, and sandwiches. It is a great family project proving to our children that we do make a difference! Participate in a "run" into the city; it is a chance to interact with the homeless and is an experience which gives back much more than you give.  
  • Greenfaith Initiative (leOvdah u’leShomrah = To work and guard our world. Bal Tashchit = Do not destroy). GHC is now joining a consortium of institutions dedicated to "going green" with the goal of fully integrating this philosophy within our religious experiences and traditions. The goal is to make Houses of Worship leaders in the environmentalist movement. Our Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Barry Kenter has been chosen to be a "Greenfaith fellow" to help lead this initiative along with GHC lay leadership, the .  We are also the recepient of the Hazon Seal of Sustainability.  Seal below.
  • B'nai Mitzvah Projects (Tikkun Olam = Repairing the World). Working in conjunction with the Religious School, every Bar and Bat Mitzvah year student is encouraged to develop a meaningful "Mitzvah Project" to enhance the meaning of becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a Jewish adult.
  • Food Collection Box (Maakhil Re'eyvim = Feeding the Hungry). We have an ongoing collection of non-perishable packaged food in our food collection box in the atrium of GHC. This food is distributed to needy families in Westchester County. "When you come to meet, bring something to eat"!
  • GHC Food Pantry: Leftovers to Serve the Needy (Maakhil Re'eyvim = Feeding the Hungry). Leftover food after a simcha can be donated to a pantry. We also collect food after Shabbat and holiday Kiddushim to donate to needy from within our congregation.
  • Clothing Collections (Malbish Arumim = clothing the naked). We collect clothing at various times throughout the year: Midnight run, Hope's Door, ARCS, others. See Hamvaser or mailings for announcements.
  • BJCC Project Hope (Maakhil Re'eyvim = Feeding the Hungry). Food deliveries through Bronx Jewish Community Council (BJCC) for the homebound elderly, especially to enrich holiday times. Performed in conjuction with the religious school children.
  • Interfaith Caring Community (Mipnei Darkhei Shalom = promoting peace). Interfaith Caring Community is a coalition of nine churches and synagogues, including GHC, who work together on social action projects in Westchester County.
  • Back to School Supplies Drive to benefit My Sister's Place, a Westchester community organization to help women and their children in need. Help these kids start the year off right! August collection.
  • Yom Kippur Food Drive (Maakhil Re'eyvim = Feeding the Hungry). While we feel hungry, we think of those who truly are hungry.
  • Annual Kol Nidre Sock & Underwear Drive (Malbish Arumim = clothing the naked). While we deprive ourselves of physical comforts, we think of those who are truly deprived. Westhab-Interfaith partnership (Gemilut Chasadim = Deeds of Loving Kindness). GHC members donated household items to facilitate women and their children to transition from institutional life in the rehab setting to independent living. The GHC children received popcorn at the Purim carnival as an added prize for helping those in need.
  • Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drive (Maakhil Re'eyvim = Feeding the Hungry). Thanksgiving Turkeys and Fixings donated to needy families in the Yonkers Public Schools.
  • UJA-Families Feeding Families Drive (Maakhil Re'eyvim = Feeding the Hungry). One of several food collection drives this past year.
  • Guest-Host Shidduch (Haknasat Orchim = Welcoming Guests). We find host-families to enrich the holiday celebrations for synagogue members or visitors to our area who are in need, such as finding a Seder for those without local family.
  • Annual Winter clothing drive (Malbish Arumim = clothing the naked). A good way to clean out your closets of older winter coats, while keeping our needy neighbors warm in the harsh winter.
  • Israel Projects (Gemilut Hasadim = Deeds of Loving Kindness, and Clal Yisrael = Jewish Unity). Work on initiatives to support Israel and our brothers and sisters, victims of terrorism throughout Israel, rebuilding the North, Yad LaKashish Lifeline for the Elderly, AIPAC, StandWithUs, and countering anti-Israel propaganda). In cooperation with GHC-Israel Team.
  • Green Projects (Bal Tashchit = Do Not Destroy). Work on environmental initiatives, from local to global. Local example: Bi-annual Dobbs Ferry Aqueduct clean up, partnering with local civic and environmental group as well as having our oldest class in religious school build a compost bin.  

    GHC has launched a new sustainability initiative.  The synagogue, through its Green Team committee, is now a participating member of the Hazon "Seal of Sustainability" program, which certifies a Jewish organization's committment to sustainable values and practices, with regard to its food and environmental practices, waste and energy practices, and impact on climate change.  GHC is proud of its committment to sustainability and their leadership on this important issue.  You can learn more about Hazon "Seal of Sustainability" at  
    For more information, please contact .
    GHC Received Hazon Seal of Sustainability   GHC Receives Hazon Seal Of Sustainability

    Click HERE for slide presentation given to GHC by the NYSERDA - (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority)

We wish to continue to broaden congregant involvement in Social Action-Tikkun Olam (SATO) projects during this coming year. We welcome ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. Make a difference! For more information on these programs or to join us, please contact:
Shara Sheinberg at

Fri, June 2 2023 13 Sivan 5783